How To Tell If You Are An Alcoholic?

Alcoholism is a serious disease, but it can be put into a remission. Alcohol abusers don’t often recognize the first symptoms, and they frequently neglect them. This condition can lead them to serious addiction, and in some cases, it will take the lifetime to recover. The fear of relapsing will be your biggest temptation, and this is one of the reasons why addicts fail. But, with the help of good experts and support of your family, you can get better. If you still doubt whether you are an alcoholic or not, these symptoms may explain or confirm your suspicions.

When it comes alcohol addiction, being unable to limit the amount of alcohol you take is a bad sign.Do you drink alone

This is one of the first indicators that you are on the way to become an addict. Most alcoholics drink alone and in secret because they are afraid of judgment, or they just don’t want to be seen. They don’t want to experience someone’s nagging, and they want to be left alone.

You can’t stop

When it comes alcohol addiction, being unable to limit the amount of alcohol you take is a bad sign. In this case, a person drinks until he blacks out because he can’t control his urge. Men usually tend to drink more than women, and once you on the roll, nothing can stop them.

You don’t have hobbies anymore

You have a need to drink

The leisure activities that used to bring you pleasure, now are just a pale memory. The only hobby you have now is drinking. You are not interested in your family or friends; you use every moment to drink the next shot.

You have a need to drink

Even when you are not drinking alcohol, the need is always present. You under constant stress, you feel anxious, and you are unable to think about anything. In this case, you will feel like your whole body is on fire and the only thing that can put it off is one glass of liquor.

You keep alcohols everywhere

Wherever you turn, you have a spare bottle, in a car, house, at work. Alcoholics need always to keep alcohol within reach.