Q&A About Alcoholism

Find out the facts about alcohol and change your life once and for all.

How am I an alcoholic if I can hold my liquor?

Any person who drinks too much alcohol in a short time can get intoxicated very fast. There are several factors which can influence whether you get drunk or not. Depending on your body mass, genetics and bigger tolerance, many people that that “holding a liquor” is a good sign, but in fact is just one of the indicators that they have a drinking problem.

A behave the same way when being sober or drunk, does alcohol affect me?

Many people who use alcohol in moderate amounts state that alcohol increases their ability to be more social and helps them communicate with other people. A regular low dose of liquor can cause various symptoms to appear, from sadness and anxiety to excitement and happiness. On the other hand, heavy users of alcohol may experience problems with hallucinations, insomnia, and aggression.

Are alcoholics people with addictive personalities?

Addictive personalities can’t predict alcoholism, and this state isn’t inherited. However, antisocial behavior in childhood and teen years can eventually cause alcohol problem. Based on some research conducted in American prisons, between 50% and 90% of prisoners are alcoholics, and they have antisocial personalities.

Are alcoholics people with addictive personalitiesI like to drink; I can even say I am a heavy drinker, does that mean I have a problem?

If someone likes to drink, that doesn’t mean he an alcoholic. In this case, you can say that this group of people abuse alcohol, but alcoholism is an addiction, and it can have several definitions. Alcoholism is an addiction with several stages, preoccupation with an acquisition, compulsive use, lack of interest, and relapse. This condition progresses every year, and we cannot predict its outcome because every time we are faced with different cases.

How can I stop drinking?

First of all, you need to have a strong will and sharp mind. Once you make a decision, ask for doctors help because you won’t be able to fight the addiction and the urge is too strong.